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WF240 Envelope and Paper Bag Making Machine

Speed:8000个/小时(pcs/h) Gsm:60-150g/m2
Min bag size:120*200mm Weight:3800kg
Max bag size:365*520mm Overall dimension(L×W×H)
total power: 8kw  

WF240 Model Pocket Envelope Making Machine, an important standard model in our series, is designed mainly for the envelopes of large or medium-sized gumming (cold glue) with protection strip. It is characterized by its high efficiency, stable function, easy operation and quick adjustment. It is suitable to the needs of processing thick paper.
  By means of a suction, the lower most blank of the pile on the feed plate is fed into the machine, in this way, the pile of blanks can be replenished while the machine is operating. The width of the envelope or flat bag can be reset lightly while the machine is running. Rotary glue applying unit guarantees the even distribution of the glue. At the same time, the operation of the cleaning is easy. The machine is also equipped with finished envelopes and flat bags counting and batching unit.
Optional function: Can be with the function of giving peel and seal or self-adhesive glue.
 Attn:The biggest size of envelope of WF240A can be 395*520mm. 

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