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ZF260 Envelope and Paper Bag Making Machine

Speed: 20000 pcs/hour Gsm:50-150g/m2
Min bag size:50*80mm Weight:1200kg
Max bag size:120*240mm Overall dimension(L×W×H)
Total power:3.75kw  

Adopting many advanced techniques and constructions of the similar automatic pocket envelope making machine made in other advanced countries, ZF260 Model Pocket Envelope Making Machine is especially suitable for the economic production of pocket envelopes and flat bags, particularly for the bags used as red bags, self-seal gumming envelopes, bag in pharmacy, etc.
By means of a suction, the lower most blank of the pile on the feed plate is fed into the machine, in this way, the pile of the blanks can be replenished while the machine is being operated; Assisted by the suction cylinder and with the advantage of pressing the trace, the fence folding unit carries out the folding with high speed and accuracy. The width of envelope of flat bag can be reset lightly while the machine is running. Rotary glue applying unit meets requirements of gluing envelopes or flat bag, when it is being withdrawed, the operation of cleaning is easy. The simple but reliable longitudinal folding unit is used to fold the two flaps. The counter is capable of batching finished envelopes or flat bags according to preset quantities through electromagnetic control unit.  

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